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Saint Dominic Savio
Prayer Cards

$ 17.00 excl. GST

Pack of 25 cards

Card description:

• Original illustration
• 9cms x 5.5 cms card size
• Also available in packs of 50 & 100
• Laminated on both sides for longer durability
• Designed & printed in Australia
• Includes a beautiful prayer at the back


O St Dominic Savio, under the guidance of Don Bosco, you reached perfection in a short time through prayer, sacrifice and joy. Give us enthusiasm and faithfulness in the service of the Lord. Protect all people so that they may be pure and generous. Protect all young people, so that they may grow in your love and be the bearers of freshness and joy. Help us all to be, like Don Bosco, friends of God, so that our lives and work may show the fruits of grace and holiness. Amen

Delivery in Australia only:

4-10 days depending on location

Bulk order:

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Prayer Cards”