“Life is a gift from God and what we make of it, is our gift to God.”

This is the belief from which 40fied, a registered Australian brand, was born. Humanity has evolved in leaps and bounds since the days of the Bible, but we are all still called to follow the teachings and principles of those times. 40fied endeavours to help the faithful, by retelling an amazing traditional story in an intriguing and contemporary visual language.


For the last seven years, both Liz and Mervyn have provided creative solutions to various Catholic entities such as schools, parishes, Dioceses, and corporate organisations Australia wide, and continue to do so. Prior to this, the couple have spent more than a decade in mainstream secular design industry, working with the likes of international advertising agencies and major design houses across the globe.


Incepted in February 2016, 40fied is a labour of love by Liz and Mervyn, targeted to enhance the spiritual journey of each and every Catholic, young and old, and promote the teachings of Christ. Just like St Peter, Mother Teresa or even our own St Mary of the Cross, their journey has not been an easy one, but with your support, advocacy and prayers they hope to nurture this vision.


Concept and design

Decades ago when she met Mervyn, her husband to-be, in the same design college, little did Liz know that it was not a coincidence but a part of the Almighty’s plan. With a lifetime of design experience and a blessed gift of conceptualisation, Liz is constantly inspired with new ideas to bring to life the stories of our Faith. A few years back, while voluntarily teaching catechism to a class of 20 or so primary school students, Liz felt a tap on her shoulder and a voice posing a challenge; “Can you tell my story to more than 20 kids?”. 40fied the kids magazine is Liz’s humble attempt to answer that call. Along with the magazine, Liz continues to conceptualise new faith-filled gifts and resources that are constantly added to the 40fied store.


Illustration and design

Brought up on the belief that along with daily meals, the family rosary is an essential requirement of sustenance, Mervyn has always felt a calling to give back what was so generously given to him – his unexplainable gift of drawing. Armed with a Bachelors degree in Communication Design and decades of experience in the creative industry (print, web and video), this baptised Catholic along with his wife (and recently his kids) works tirelessly on an important mission.  The objective of which, is to give ‘Promotion of Faith’, a new makeover. 

Why 40fied?


40fied has been created for, and only to evangelise and promote God’s Word while illustrating the reality of Christ’s Sacrifice for us.

Faith Reminders

The purpose of 40fied is to create as many day-to-day items which will remind us of our Faith in everything we do everyday, Monday to Sunday.


In speaking the visual language of today, 40fied is an attempt to show that our Church and Faith is timeless and not an old fashioned notion.

Original Visuals

No design or illustration is a copy, an extract from the internet or acquired from stock libraries. Every graphic is created and every illustration is drawn from scratch to serve a specific requirement.

Australian ®

40fied is a registered Australian brand with all product concepts created, designed and illustrated here is Australia. Most of them are also proudly produced in Australia as well.


40fied always endures to create that which isn’t and because we create our own products, these are not available anywhere in the world.

Charitable Works of Designers & Illustrators 

All funds acquired from the sales of 40fied products are directed and used entirely for the purchase of raw material and the production processes of all products. No funds are allocated for designs and illustrations, and all designers and illustrators provide their services and talents for NO COST.

So when you purchase a 40fied product you can be assured that your support goes straight into the production of more unique products.