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Real 12 days of Christmas
Greeting Cards

$ 25.00 excl. GST

Pack of 12 Christmas cards & envelops

For a limited time get 12 FREE gift tags of the same design on purchase of these unique cards.

It is believed that, from the mid 16th to the early 19th century, Roman Catholics in England weren’t allowed to openly practice their faith. The Twelve Days of Christmas was written as a catechism song to teach Catholic kids the faith. It had two different meanings: the obvious meaning plus a secret meaning known only to the Catholics. These series of cards exhibit both the said elements in the carol, and their intended religious meaning.

Card description:

• 12 Original illustrations
• 14cms x 14cms folded size
• 100% recycled card stock
• Includes 12 metallic envelops of eco-friendly stock
• Blank Insides
• Designed & printed in Australia

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Greeting Cards”